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Factory well-equipped, strong technical force. Products with advanced technology, stable and reliable quality, marketing throughout the country, widely used in various fields of the national economy. Among them, power station water treatment control equipment, generator set control equipment, automatic production line control equipment and high and low voltage switchgear are exported to foreign countries and have a good reputation.

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Electrical Engineer


Junior college


1, fully responsible for the project manager, can organize, coordinate, manage the installation and operation team.
2, responsible for the whole plant load calculation check, electrical main wiring and chief editor number to determine
3, responsible for the external power grid system "power application" and substation acceptance transmission, power supply contract signing work.
4. Responsible for the design review of the electrical system, the signing of technical agreements, and the selection of electrical equipment.
5, responsible for supervision, organization of electrical equipment installation and commissioning and progress control.
6. Be responsible for organizing the unpacking acceptance of electrical equipment.