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High power (1500A)Y-△ starter cabinet (ABB original contactor)

High power (1500A)Y-△ starter cabinet (ABB original contactor)

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High-power (1500A)Y-△ starter cabinet (ABB original contactor), starter cabinet is widely used in various high-power production activities. In these high-power production activities, the main role of the driver is to start gently. Reduce the impact of large current on electrical appliances, so as to play a protective role, to avoid causing electrical overheating and burning. ABB contactors are suitable for construction and industrial fields, such as motor control, heating and ventilation, air conditioning, water pumps, lifting equipment, lighting and power factor correction. The specifications of ABB contactors include 4 and 5.5KW miniature contactors, up to 400kW contactor sets (AC3), construction contactors (domestic and industrial), clap-on contactors, thermal overload relays and electronic relays, as well as complete accessories to ensure selection flexibility and meet customer needs.

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