The coordination meeting on the feasibility study and start-up of baolongshan traction station for railway electrification and e

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The coordination meeting on the feasibility study and start-up of baolongshan traction station for railway electrification and e

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2018/06/05 13:21
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Recently, its tgo power supply company development planning department organized external power supply transformation on let railway electrification project feasibility study start treasure longshan traction station coordination meetings, the company's development strategic planning, information communication, electric power dispatching control center branch related professionals and its Tokyo institute design personnel attended the meeting.
Meeting to hear from the east longitude institute let railway electrification transformation project about general situation in detail, the company each department professionals docking with the design units, fully communicate and exchange, the company's professional staff from previous events, path plan, scheduling, protection, automation, communication and other aspects put forward a concrete suggestion to the design unit. Development planning for the feasible work well with the specific requirements of a is to ensure that the feasible formulation of the accuracy of the coordinate point key data to check repeatedly, such as line path solution, we must give full consideration to avoid the government planning, demolition, basic farmland and so on, in order to smoothly carry out the follow-up work; Second, we should strictly follow the specific requirements of each major of the company to ensure the high quality of the project feasibility study and preparation. Third, to give full play to the territorial advantages, the professional management departments of the company should cooperate to complete the capital collection work, and participate in the whole process of guiding the feasibility study and formulation, so as to ensure the reasonable scheme and uniform standards. Subsequently, the development planning department contacted the railway department and planned to coordinate relevant matters together in the next step.
Project feasibility study to start the coordination meeting, to promote the electrification railway reconstruction project, to better serve the electrification railway rapid development, to ensure that meet the demand of electrified railway power to lay a solid foundation.