Considerations in selecting the type of distribution cabinet

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Considerations in selecting the type of distribution cabinet

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2018/06/06 10:56
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Remindeverybodywhenchoosingthetypeofdistributioncabinet 1.Understandusers'needsandselectthemostsuitablecabinettypeaccordingtotheactualsituation. 2.Trytousethedomesticcabinettypeofwell-knowndomesticman
Remind everybody when choosing the type of distribution cabinet
1. Understand users' needs and select the most suitable cabinet type according to the actual situation.
2. Try to use the domestic cabinet type of well-known domestic manufacturers, and don't blindly choose the imported distribution cabinet with high technical parameters, which is easy to cause resource waste.
3. The brand of the main components used in the imported distribution cabinet is consistent with that of the cabinet. Therefore, when selecting the imported distribution cabinet, attention should be paid to the parameters of the main components.