What problems should the distribution box pay attention to during construction?

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What problems should the distribution box pay attention to during construction?

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2018/06/06 11:01
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Remindthedistributionboxintheconstructionofattentiontowhatproblems? (1)thegeneraldistributionbox,distributionboxandswitchboxshallbesetupintheconstructionofelectricpowerdistributionsystem,andthehierarc
Remind the distribution box in the construction of attention to what problems?
(1) the general distribution box, distribution box and switch box shall be set up in the construction of electric power distribution system, and the hierarchical setting shall be made according to the order of "total - split - open", and the "three-level distribution" mode shall be formed.
(2) the installation position of each distribution box and switch box of the power distribution system for construction shall be reasonable. The general distribution box should be as close as possible to the transformer or external power source for the introduction of power. The distribution cabinet shall be installed as far as possible in the center of the equipment or load concentration to ensure the balance of the three-phase load. The installation position of the switch box should be as close as possible to the power equipment under its control according to the field conditions and working conditions.
(3). Ensure that the temporary electricity distribution system three-phase load balancing, power electricity and light of the construction site should form two electric circuit, power distribution box with lighting distribution box should be set up respectively.
(4) all electrical equipment at the construction site must have their own special switch box.
(5) the box body and internal setting of distribution boxes at all levels must conform to safety regulations, switch appliances should be marked for use, and the box body should be uniformly numbered. The power supply should be cut off and the door should be locked. The fixed distribution box shall be provided with a fence and rain-proof and anti-collision measures.
(6). Differences between distribution box and distribution cabinet. According to GB/T20641-2006 "low-voltage switchgear and control equipment is the general requirements of the empty shell" regulation: the scene saw that the door is not only has disappeared, and switch are still in the state of "ON", a total of six cables bare, it didn't post any warning. As the distribution box is located about 50 meters north of the south bus stop sign of hangtianqiao south bus station and is located at the southeast corner of the roundabout island, there are a large number of people passing by.